Mr. Erhard is an attorney.  He resides in the Great State of West Virginia.  He is a proud husband and father who gravitated to politics from a study of the United States Constitution, and a fear that our departure from it jeopardizes the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.


  1. Kellie Boyle

    Hey Craig,

    Congrats! I’m so impressed at how quickly you moved on this and put up some really thoughtful position papers. This is great! I recognize some of your thoughts from our conversation the other day — although, in print, they seem to be missing some of your more colorful (4-letter) language.

    I’m very excited for you — I think you can gain a following and really have an impact on your readers. But, can I make a few suggestions? (I’m assuming you said to go ahead…)

    1) Break up your blogs into smaller bites. People don’t like to read long e-mails or articles on their computers.

    2) Insert some funny political videos, cartoons or photos (the kind that you get forwarded from friends or that you find on others’ blogs). You may have already mentioned that you’re working on this in your e-mail.

    3) Where’s your outrage?! These blogs aren’t being graded by a law professor — go wild! It’s the funny, but spot-on stuff that people remember. For instance, and this isn’t hilarious, but I think Laura Ingraham’s book “Shut Up and Sing!” (dedicated to Barbra Streisand) should be followed up after this snow storm with a paen to Al Gore entitled “Shut Up and Shovel!”

    4) The interesting angle about your bio is the ideological transformation you made from liberal to conservative. (The attorney part, well, I think that’s obvious in your grasp of the Constitution. I’d leave it out.) But, make your bio funny, too. And you can come up with a sexier photo than that! You gotta go with your strengths! Do you wonder why Mark Levin is confined to radio?

    Ok, I hope this isn’t too critical. I’m so in your corner — and I have had a bit of p.r. experience (like 25 years, sadly). This is very exciting and I’ll be psyched to pass on your blog address to my friends.

    Great job, Craig. This is the perfect foundation for whatever you want to do in politics or the media. Oh, don’t post this :)


  2. Richard Baily

    Awesome stuff

  3. Craig, Enjoyed the blog! Keep the posts going. I want to hear more about your story about turning to God. Someone told me you said you were agnostic until you were robbed. I’m sorry you had to go through that!

    Best regards to you! Keep in touch.


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