“Cradle-To-Grave” is the Phrase Given To The Progressivist Concept That Governmental Intrusion Into Every Facet and Phase of Our Lives in America is Necessary.  It is a Term Which Describes the Statist Belief that Government Should Infect Society From Birth to Death.  We Now Have Government in Almost Every Facet of Our Lives, but it is Even Worse in the Lower Economic Class of the Great Society.    There, Taxpayers Pay for Entire Lifetimes for People They Have Never Met and In Ways That They Have Never Dreamed.  Many Recipients Receive Government Benefits Fraudulently and Those Recipients Cost Taxpayers More Than Valid and Deserving Recipients as Described Below.

Sixty Percent of Federal Government Spending is on Entitlement Programs

About one decade ago, the Welfare Reform Act was passed as part of the Contract With America lead by then House Speaker, Newt Gingrich.  It was designed to change the generational scourge that had become the welfare state.  President Clinton vetoed the bill more than once, but then reluctantly signed it into law.  What many people do not realize is that as people came off of the welfare rolls (after two years on welfare as required under the Welfare Reform Act), President Clinton began to run them through the back door of the Social Security Administration.

A a consequence, the Social Security Administration is the new welfare program.  This governmental slight of hand by the executive branch eviscerated much of the anticipated savings of the Welfare Reform Act.  The main vehicle for this shell game is the expansion of Social Security Disability Income qualifications.  Most elderly retirees are paid less than young, strapping SSI recipients who are in  the prime of their lives and in excellent physical health.  The reason for this is that the program’s requirements have been abused to permit the welfare state to move over to the Social Security Administration for life.  For example, a senior citizen couple who worked for his or her entire life, is paid approximately $600.00 each per month.  Taxes are taken out of a retiree’s payments as well.  On the other hand, the young, strapping, fraudulent SSI recipient who claims to be illiterate (a favorite among applicants in the know because it is impossible to disprove), will be paid approximately $650.00 per month even though he has virtually no employment history.  Not surprisingly, the receipt of that money provides a disincentive for him to seek employment. 

The receipt of benefits by innumerable fraudulent recipients who have never paid into social security makes that agency’s insolvency instantly understandable.  It is hard enough to sustain social security when its recipients were at one time payors into the system, but when those who have never paid into it, and do not deserve it, begin to draw it down — receiving more than desiring retirees in many cases — its days are numbered.

Receipt of Government Benefits Qualifies Recipients For Additional Benefits

But, now comes the alarming part (just in time for Progressives and other statists infuriated by the previous sentence).  The receipt of SSI payments qualifies the recipient for a whole host of additional social program benefits which render the $650.00 per month more akin to disposable income.  For example, receipt of SSI payments qualifies the recipient for HUD housing which is subsidized by the tax payer and enables the recipient to have a home for remarkably little or no monthly cost.  Similarly, the recipient qualifies for food stamps (EBT Card).  This program enables the recipient to obtain food at the grocery store which is paid for by the tax payer and can include a monthly food budget that exceeds yours!  Recipients of SSI are also eligible for the Medical card (Medicaid).  Thus, they are entitled to unlimited medical coverage at the tax payers’ expense.

Worse yet is the congenital aspect of SSI.  It is not uncommon for entire familes to be on SSI.  As a result, the children, too, receive payments from the tax payers.  The likelihood that they will escape the bondage of this lifestyle is extremely low because the foregoing benefits put them in such a position as to never have to try. 

I hope that I have succinctly described the manner by which the social state justifies the receipt of additional benefits by virtue of the receipt of initial benefits.  This piling on of handouts at the taxpayers’ expense punishes the tax payer, and condemns the recipient of the benefits to a lifetime of handouts.  The payment to later generations based upon the payment to their parent(s) starts the entire cycle anew.

We aspire in America because we want to improve our standard of living for ourselves and our families.  The government benefits paid out in the name of social justice result in low educational performance, and make it impossible for recipients to find employment lucrative enough to deliver the same standard of living that they receive from the tax payers.  “Disabilities” that enable one to apply for these programs are ADHD, Explosive Combative Disorder (translation: court-appointed defense lawyer sent client to a tax payer-funded psychologist to establish an affirmative defense to a violent crime in which the recipient intentionally injured another person), and other controversial “disorders”.  Other programs pay parents for being “caregivers” for their own children.  The program pays parents or grandparents to babysit their own children or grandchildren.

It is not uncommon for the family that fraudulently receives these benefits to break down, in part, from idle hands or from the impact of a capable bread-winner electing to receive benefits in lieu of working.  So many good life lessons flow from hard work and when it is removed from the family through deceit and/or lethargy, there are often consequences.  In these cases, often the DHHR enters the family paradigm (at the taxpayers’ expense).  It is also not uncommon for criminal endeavors to  ensue particularly where government housing often surrounds an otherwise law abiding family with the allure of drug use and ancillary crime and criminal enterprises.  Children are often the most susceptible to this influence which contributes to the recipient family’s meltdown.  Current offspring of life-long benefits recipients may already be the product of a broken family.  It is not uncommom for illegitimate children to flow from families broken from generational public welfare.  Those children are an exponential consequence in the continuing growth in the population of the welfare state.

In the event that a recipient’s family member is charged with a crime, their receipt of public assistance renders them “indigent” and therefore they receive a court-appointed attorney at the tax payers’ expense.  In the event that the crime in question is a property crime, it is not unlikely that the victim’s tax dollars are actually paying for his perpetrator’s lawyer.  If the perpetrator is ultimately incarcerated, the taxpayers still pay for his room and board as well as prison construction, security, counsellors, employee pensions, etc.  If instead, the accused is placed on probation, then he/she is required to be monitored . . . at the tax payers’ expense.

The scope of this post is limited to the millions of people who receive governmental benefits either unnecessarily or fraudulently who jeopardize the continuation and viability of legitimate benefits recipients.  There are millions of people who legitimately receive these benefits.  Similarly, there are millions of people who work tirelessly — many at more than one job — who go home at night to a neighborhood comprised of neighbors who are able, but do not work.  One of the greatest crimes of the welfare state is that it makes a fool of the hard-working individual who possesses the great American work ethic.  For him, the only difference between he and his neighbors is his pride.  Any government policy that places a man in that position is inexcusable.  Worse yet, when he arrives home after a long day’s work, he must struggle to explain to his family and children why he chooses to work even though his non-working neighbors enjoy a greater standard of living.  He must also wrestle with the reality that lethargy, and the sociological problems it creates can be contagious, especially to children . . . hopefully not his.

Years ago, the national media ran a story stating that statistics had come out showing that, on average, people on public assistance received 10% less money than the working poor.  The tragedy is that the news anchor failed to recognize that the protagonist in that story was the working poor.  Predictably, the angle of the story was that this disparity in income between the working poor and the non-working poor must be corrected by increasing the amount of benefits that the non-working poor receive to bring them up to par with the earnings of the working poor.  As long as I live I will never forget that story, because even though I knew nothing of politics, liberty, or our nation’s history, everything I had learned from my father and my grandfather — two of the hardest-working men I have ever known — told me exactly who the true victim of that story was.  Hard work is honorable.  Years later, I realized that there is a name for the only group of people who does not know that.  They are called Progressives.  Not surprisingly, they are both the founders and unyielding proponents of the welfare state described herein, and accordingly are the greatest enemies of America and liberty.  Already, we see the greatest nation God gave man collapsing under the exponentially increasing weight of these Cradle-To-Grave social programs while our President — a self-described “progressive” — races to our collapse with insatiable haste creating new and unprecedentedly large social spending programs like ObamaCare.

All tolled, an SSI recipient claiming illiteracy can receive approximately: $650.00 per month (not including other same-household family mambers’ receipt of SSI) along with taxpayer-paid housing (HUD), taxpayer-paid food (EBT Card), free medical care (Medicaid), utility subsidies that dramatically reduce the cost of utilities which are absorbed by you and others who pay for their own utility costs as well as the Great Society’s.  This is far from an exhaustive list of benefits.  Viewed in this light, ine can see that all of the recipient’s living expenses are paid for by the taxpayer.  Additionally, the $650.00 SSI payment looks more like what it is; cash on hand from the taxpayer.  Other programs such as the ones that pay parents/grandparents (with taxpayer money) to watch their own children are not quantified here, although, they can pay considerably more than $650.00 per month.  It is not my intention to complie an exhaustive list.  Rather, it is to shine a light on this area so that it can be evaluated.  Too often, the debate surrounding social programs deals only with generalities such as whether it is right or wrong to take from taxpayers to give to those who have less.  At some point, however, it must be scrutinized like all other difficult questions in life, many of which are questions about degree, not philosophy.  It is frightening that many of you reading this have never dreamed that social program recipients could receive more than a working family that earns $50,000.00 per year.  Now, you can see that the true victims of these programs are those who work very hard, but do not receive any social benefits.  Hopefully, those of you who believed that no one in their right mind would choose to stay as a recipient of social benefits can now see that many of these families not only survive, but enjoy a higher standard of living than they could if they got jobs.  Therein lies one of the great myths.  You cannot expect a recipient to voluntarily get off of government assistance when it means that they will have to earn $50,000.00 per year to not experience a drop in living standard.  Thus, these programs discourage independence and encourage generational dependency which will destroy us all.

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