Beware President Obama’s newly proposed bipartisan commission on the deficit.  Mr. Obama’s deficit creation was a solo performance.  It was as effortless for him as a touchdown pass is for Peyton Manning — or perhaps Drew Brees.  That is because he is a statist, a person who believes that government is omnipotent.  Reasonable minds will differ as to the question of whether his creation of such an unprecedented deficit is by design, or merely the obvious consequence of the huge government expansion that he — and all other statists – ambitiously seek to create.  Simply put, government costs money.

Suddenly, however, Mr. Obama has decided that his solo performance might be complemented by a chorus . . . a bipartisan chorus.  Make no mistake.  Mr. Obama is a soloist.  His feigned desire to create a bipartisan commission has a much more self-serving motive.  It is time for him to do that which every nonrevolutionary socialist must eventually do . . . pay the bill.  Government does not, nor has it ever, generated revenue.  Rather, it devours it from those who earn it . . . us.  The bigger the government, the greater the cost.  The bill for growing government is paid by taxes.

Mr. Obama now seeks to wash the consequences of his huge government spending and resulting deficits in bipartisanism.  He is looking for a scapegoat when the taxpayers get the news that their taxes are going to skyrocket.

In the same way that the original ObamaCare plan was touted as being bipartisan when two Republican Senators (0ut of 40) joined in the bill, the deficit commission’s obvious purpose is to remove Obama from culpability and, instead place him in the convenient role of the surprised President who; although, shocked by their predictable recommendation of tax increases, will play Pollyanna and then appear objective as he taxes us into financial ruination and generational servitude.  Who would have guessed that record deficit spending would ultimately result in a huge bill to the taxpayers?  We shall see whether  Mr. Obama can hide his culpability for our inevitable financial destruction in the commission’s rye.

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