In an effort to make our military uniforms more “unisex,” the Obama administration is considering changing the hats worn by the United States Marines. The government estimates that this will cost more than $8 million! Consider this: three weeks ago, the Pentagon was asked to make “nonessential” cuts in the wake of the government slimdown. Unbelievably, they cut one of the smallest budget items that the military has; death benefits for military members killed in action. Does that bother you?

In the same month that the military cut benefits to military families whose loved ones were killed in action, they announce that they are actually considering spending $8 million on new unisex hats for the Marines. They are not proposing new bullet-proof helmets, or some other rational thing. No. They are mulling over a new, smaller version of the white-brimmed dress cap in the name of unisexuality at a cost of over $8 million?!?!?! Worse yet, approximately 94% of the Marine Corps (pronounced like “corpse” according to Mr. Obama) is made up of men. So, we are going to spend $8 million to “neuter” their hats?!?!?! For what . . . a kinder, gentler Marine Corps?!?!

What does that say about our government? What does that say about us? Well, it says our government is either insane, or more interested in the sexual appearance of the military, than it is in our military personnel and their families!!! If you think that’s over the top, then let’s agree for the sake of argument, that there is no ill intent here. Now, can we at least agree that government is simply so big, that it wouldn’t otherwise ever even delve into this politically correct minutiae?

The key to our nation’s survival is that we must decide honestly whether an $8 million hat expenditure is that important to us. Does anyone out there actually demand that we change the Marines’ headwear? I think that group — if it exists — could fit into my living room (it’s not a huge living room). Even some of those would jump ship if you told them it will cost $8 million!

That leaves the rest of us (about 99.9% of all Americans). We have two options: 1) We can either pretend that changing hats is critical because we love Obama and we are devoted to the Democratic Party, or we can be disgusted by this initiative because the Republicans told us to, or because we heard about it on Fox News: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/10/24/obama-wants-marines-to-wear-girly-hats/?intcmp=trending.

But, there is another choice. We can just ask whether we think spending $8 million that we don’t have on freaking hats is just ridiculous, particularly when three weeks ago, our Pentagon cut off death benefits to these same heroes killed in action!!! See how that works? We actually excised the Party crap from our decision-making and now we can think for ourselves. Once we decontaminate our minds, the vast majority of us can be friends again; democrats, republicans, independents, etc.. More importantly, we can take power back from the very ruling class that has us bickering with each other over non-issues while they burn the nation and indebt our children!

Cue the acoustic guitars: “Michael row the boat ashore hallelujah . . .” Every body now . . . !

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