President Obama’s new Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) appointee is a Keynesian. There has been a lot of talk about when the Fed will stop printing/digitizing money, but the salient question is when will they increase the printing of money. You see, there are no examples in known history where a country who begins massive money-printing ever stops. It cannot be stopped. We are now in round three of Obama’s quantitative easing (i.e. money printing). Such reckless printing of money is designed to prop up an economy that is stalled. That is the cold, hard truth. The printing of money serves one goal; to stop the nation’s economy from falling flat on its face. Because, all of the policies coming out of Washington, D.C. are stifling the economy, printing money can serve as a surrogate . . . but not for long. Money-printing is to a nation’s currency, what heroin is to a heroin addict. It is addictive, and difficult to stop. Indeed, after a while, a heroin addict will reach a point in his addiction at which he will die if he stops using. Likewise, our nation will fall into a depression if we stop printing money. Flooding the system with money is like a shot of adrenaline to the stock market, but if market gains are based upon funny money instead of actual market productivity how can our government stop printing? Our money is not tied to anything of value. Franklin Roosevelt took us off of gold-based currency many years ago. Since then, the dollar’s only value derives from confidence in the economic power of the world’s freest economy. But, we are no longer that country. In fact, America ranks 10th in the world in market freedom. Singapore is number one!?!?! Singapore has lower taxes, less restrictive regulations, etc. than the United States!?!?! Consequently, Singapore is flourishing, and America is foundering. Yet every day, the President introduces new job-killing regulations in the name of the middle class that he is killing.

The problems in Washington are endemic and are endorsed by BOTH parties. Democrats seek to help the middle class by regulating their jobs out of existence, and moderate Republicans simply go along with it, or curtail it just enough to appear conservative. During the 2008 presidential election, Mr. Obama promised socialistic transformation, and Mr. McCain promised a smaller version of the same. If Americans do not see that Progressive policies are to blame, and that both parties are infected with them, then we will not survive the collapse of the dollar.

The alternative economic theory would be freedom; to do what Ronald Reagan did and unleash the American entrepreneur. If we did everything we could right now (go great guns on energy production, sell federally held lands to private American citizens to pay down the debt, take the cuffs off of the oil and gas industry, and repeal most — if not all — of Obama’s 100,000+ federal regulations, dramatically shrink the federal government now (restrict or dissolve the EPA, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and its grant program, lift restrictions on refineries, build the Keystone XL pipeline, and aggressively remove state and federal impediments to new businesses including ObamaCare)). Obama will never do these things proven by Reagan to rescue an economy. That is a guarantee. Even in the face of having to increase money-printing, the man raised by Frank Marshall Davis , and further inculcated by Saul Alinsky will never concede to free-market principles. That leaves only one choice; money-printing.

Mark my words, the Obama presidency will not only preside over the largest money-printing experiment in American history, he will dramatically increase his money-printing. That will be the thing that ends our dollar, and our nation as we know it. From this point on, we will follow the same road as the Weimar Republic. To be sure, that is what Progressives know as “[t}he Road We [Are] Travel[ing].”

Yellen just announced an increase in the interest rate one month before Obama leaves office. This is designed to further depress the economy so that president-elect Trump can be blamed by the media. Be prepared, America! For the first time in 8 years, you are going to be treated to wall-to-wall coverage about the terrible condition of the American economy. Low-information voters (i.e. Democrats and other statists) will for the first time in 8 years hear the torrent of bad news that is Obama’s economy. This will be a true test of whether Trump’s completely unexpected victory was truly a rejection of Left-wing bias in the media (which has done everything it could to propagandize for Obama, and his legacy candidate, Hillary Clinton).

Will they drink the Kool-Aid that Obama’s economy was great (even though he is the only President ever to suffer no GDP growth in 8 years — even though, his administration redefined how GDP is calculated which experts at the time opined would artificially add 3% to the annual GDP calculation). Worse yet, Obama has presided over the lowest labor participation rate in more than 70 years! Shockingly, however, CNN reported today that Obama’s real unemployment rate today is 9.3%. Notwithstanding that rare instance of impartial news on CNN, I predict that the mainstream media will suddenly discover that the economy sucks in America, but it will be reported as a newsflash for which President Trump will be entirely responsible.

Obama has printed/digitized 4 times more dollars than there were in the world when he took office. Obama more than doubled our present national debt which is now $20 trillion! This does not even include unfunded future liabilities like social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The printing of money (Quantitative Easing) has resulted in cheap money, and has predictably been VERY lucrative for large investors in the stock market like the reserve banks, but even that has come at a cost to the masses of average American investors.

Recall that even Reagan had to suffer through two years before his economic policies caught fire in the economy and began to take off. Obama’s damage exceeds even Carter’s. At this point, the dollar seems dead. I fully expect the world to continue its push to completely eliminate physical currency, and replace it with digital currency which will kill our privacy, and leave us beholden to banks even during periods of negative interest rates. India is finding that out now.

In fact, if productivity increases under Trump, it will still likely force us through a period of inflation because we will still have too many dollars chasing too few goods. The media will pounce on this, not as an indictment of Obama’s wreckage, but to crucify conservative economic policies. Unfortunately like so many Leftist propaganda stories, many Americans (especially recent college graduates and those too young to remember Reaganomics), are too ignorant about economics to know better. Buckle up America! You will not be able to turn on a TV without being inundated by news about our suddenly horrible Trump economy. The Left-wing media will similarly discover that the world is far more dangerous after Obama’s abysmal foreign policy, but that, too, will be erroneously blamed on Trump. None of our economic problems will be blamed on Obama; their purposeful architect. For 8 years, the networks have performed in a way that would embarrass even the Soviet TASS news service to hide or explain away the harsh economic realities wrought by Obama.

After Trump’s election, will America continue to resist our mainstream media’s propaganda? On January 20, 2017, we shall see . . .

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