Within hours of the government’s partial shutdown, Obama acted to exacerbate the otherwise insignificant impact. For a President who notoriously refuses to lead, Obama really gets moving when he sees an Alinskian opportunity to “never let a good crisis go to waste.” The World War II Memorial is a microcosm of Saul Alinsky’s theory of human cattle-prodding to elicit desired behavior.

For example, how did the federal government print up thousands of shutdown signs and distribute them to hundreds of federal locations across the country over the course of one night? The signs read: “Because of the Federal Government SHUTDOWN, All National Parks are CLOSED.” Moreover, after the government shut down, how was it able to transport and install thousands of large, steel barricades all over the United States? If there is no money to keep the parks open, how do we have the money to load, transport, off-load, and install thousands of barricades at federal parks? The barricades appeared the first morning following the shutdown; many of which are simply open-air parks! You just stand there and LOOK at the memorial. Each morning, the barricades are removed by visiting WWII veterans (under Obama’s threat of arrest), and each night they are replaced — BY WORKERS WHO REFUSE TO WORK THE PARK DURING REGULAR DAYLIGHT HOURS!?!?!? Starting to get the picture?

The WWII Memorial is a great example by which we can reveal what is really going on by our dictator-in-chief. To illustrate the point, you must know only three things: 1) the WWII vets were told in advance that they would be arrested if they entered the memorial, 2) when the vets arrived, they were blocked from entering by large, steel barricades, and 3) they moved the barricades, and entered the memorial under threat of arrest, but for three days they have come (moving the barricades themselves each time), only to find the memorial re-barricaded when they arrive each morning.

WWII vets frequently travel to the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. Many are taken there by “Honor Flights,” a group funded by private donations. It is part of a program that seeks to unite these elderly heroes at their Memorial before they leave this earth. They are regularly transported here from all over the United States. Upon calling the National Park Service to request entry to the Memorial (given the shutdown, and in light of the fact that these trips are scheduled a year in advance at a cost of $80,000-$100,000), they were told that they would be arrested if they entered.

If we had an honest media — or if a Republican President were in office — this would be the lead story on every major news network in America. This thuggish mistreatment has gone on for days! It is the methodology of cattle-herding. Socialists like Obama must convince you that you NEED more and more government. Obama fears that Americans will realize the shutdown has virtually no impact on their lives; so much so, that the decision to bully 80 and 90 year-old WWII heroes is an easy one. In fact, he has repeatedly re-barricaded the memorial for three days now (even though we do not have the money to let veterans visit the outdoor, open-air memorial — which costs nothing). Who is paying to place the barricades? If they’re doing that, can’t they just stand there during the day like they usually do and let people walk around? Fortunately, these heroes have more testosterone at 90 years of age than most of us have at 18! With the help of at least three Republican legislators, they have stormed and overwhelmed the barricades every day since the shutdown; just like they did on D-Day!

Still not convinced of Obama’s sinister intent to shove you around and create pain where there doesn’t have to be any? Consider the fact that he also shut down Mount Vernon. Problem is, it’s not owned by the government. That’s right, he barricaded access to George Washington’s home even though it is not even owned by the government!!!

Still need more convincing? Today, it is being reported that according to a National Parks employee, they are being ordered to make things as painful as possible regarding closures and other measures. Try calling the White House. A recording states that due to the government shutdown, no calls are being taken?!?! The system is automated!!! Similarly. the National Parks Service has closed its web pages?!?!

Why is the ObamaCare enrollment website still open? It doesn’t work, but at least it’s open! Funny how that works . . . the site that Obama likes is staying open (complete with live assistants), but everything else is closed to the very citizens who pay for it. The same thing is true of other Obama positions. The TEA Party is “dangerous,” but the Occupy Protestors who rape each other and burn down cities — when they’re not breaking store windows, defecating on police cars, vandalizing churches, or blowing up bridges in Cleveland — are just peachy! The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist protestors in Egypt are freedom -lovers who need our support and money, but the Iranian protestors who are pro-Western get Obama’s silence and apathy as they are murdered by their evil government. The lesson: authoritarian radicals and terrorists good; freedom-loving TEA Party grandparents, and foreign freedom-lovers bad.

Obama’s shutdown message is: “How dare you lowly veterans and citizens try to enter the parks you fund!” That is Obama thuggery, and it has become the theme of his presidency. Well, at least he’s not targeting people with the IRS. That would be really bad!

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