Let it never be forgotten that it was President Clinton who imposed a 1.6 gallon-per-flush (GPF) limit on Americans. His mandate grandfathered in pre-installed 3.0 GPF toilets (traditional toliets), but it became illegal to sell or install a toilet greater than 1.6 GPF after the rule took effect. My prediction is this: we will suffer a nationwide crisis in our nation’s sewer system.

While President Clinton may be an expert in crap, he has no experience whatsoever in plumbing or sewers. In fact, he has the same amount of expertise in plumbing that President Obama has in medicine. Yet, King Clinton issued a national edict about toilet flush capacity, and King Obama has enacted a draconian rule which will forever compromise patient care. In American politics, unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence.

Just as ObamaCare will generate the exact opposite of its stated intent, so will the 1.6 GPF rule. The rule has been in effect for years, but only now is it starting to cause major sewer problems. Something tells me that when this crap hits the fan, the federal government will be right there to fix it! That’s how it works: the fed creates the problem, and then we give them the “okay” to fix it. That’s how it works in your everyday life, right? You call a plumber, he floods your house with feces and the captivating aroma that comes with it. and then you have him back to fix all of your problems. Oh, I guess not. Actually, that only happens in government. They screw it up, and we sign them up to fix it; usually at a huge, additional cost.

Examples of this are innumerable. FEMA, started by the Carter administration has been GREAT! After Hurricane Sandy obliterated New Jersey, and New York leaving thousands homeless and outside, a frigid snowstorm hit. The FEMA office upon which the people’s lives depended promptly rushed to action and . . . closed its office, placing a homemade sign on the door that said, “Closed due to storm.” That’s not a success story. It’s a punch-line! Hurricane Katrina went MUCH better, except for the poisonous trailers. You see, it was imperative that we move storm victims out of their flooded homes and into the poisonous FEMA trailers.

How about the NSA? Well, they knew nothing whatsoever about the planned 9/11 attacks which was the worst attack on American soil; rivaled only by Pearl Harbor. So, what did NSA do? Naturally, they set about spending billions of taxpayer dollars building a one-million square foot building (surface footage only) where every single email, phone call, text message, etc. is stored on a government hard-drive! See how that works? Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped any subsequent terrorist attack . . .like the Boston Marathon bombing (even though Russia . . . yes, Russia warned us about the Tamerlan brothers being terrorists). In fact, the only NSA database success story is the discovery of General Petraeus’s affair with a former student. The database yielded the emails that ended his career. If you ask me, that was worth the billions of dollars to build the greatest transgression against the Fourth Amendment in American history. While it will never make us safer, at least it will eliminate our privacy and most of our wealth (’cause it’s a little pricey).

The only thing that will save us from our impending sewer explosion is prayer. Holy crap!

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