Another mass shooting, and as usual, the liberal media spins the tragic story into a gun control narrative. In fact, one of them even went so far as to invent a new gun called an AR-15 shotgun.

It is hard to overlook the fact that in the early 1970′s, we made a decision that institutionalization was a bad thing for the mentally infirm. This decision was not based on science, but on politics. Since that time, mass shootings by unstable people like Mr. Alexis, Gabby Gifford’s shooter, the Colorado movie theater shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter (and almost every other mass shooter), have increased exponentially. During the same period, non-mass shootings have dropped dramatically (1983 to present, in particular).

Homelessness has increased dramatically over the same period with the 1970′s anti-institutionalization movement initiating the spike.

The problem is that society has decided that institutionalizing the mentally unstable is almost never appropriate. This view sees those people as victims instead of patients in need of help. The irony is that that view can be harmful to society AND to those who are in need of the controlled, treatment-based environments in which many of them flourish.

Like C.S. Lewis said: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the ‘good’ of its victims may be the most oppressive.” Society feels great about itself having “liberated” the mentally unstable from institutional living. Unfortunately, while we do-gooders are patting each other on the back, these people are suffering a misery far greater than many of them would experience in an institutional setting. Again, the decision to “liberate” them was not based upon science or medicine. It was part of the leftist political movement of the late 1960′s. At the same time, homosexuality was removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental disorders. This movement sought to remove certain patients/disorders that had been treated as mental conditions.

Mr. Alexis announced to medical professionals that he was hearing voices, and that he was suffering from numerous other problems such as severe insomnia, most of which could have been treated. Ultimately, Mr. Alexis could no longer refrain from doing what he did. He carved an inscription into his murder weapon (shotgun) which read, “Better this way.” He and the other mass shooters mentioned were crying out, but we refused to help because we have decided that the help they need is unpalatable TO US.

It would be great if we could stop pretending this is a firearms issue, and that we can solve it through anything having to do with gun control. Does anyone believe that a person who is driven to kill will change his mind if it exposes him to additional punishment for using a gun? If you believe that, then how can Chicago be the murder capitol of the U.S.A.? It has the most stringent gun control, and the most gun-free zones of any city in America. But, most murders are committed by people who will never be restrained by any gun control; criminals, and the mentally unstable. Both of those groups will always have access to killing instruments, but even if they didn’t, are we supposed to believe that they would simply change their minds about killing people? “Well, I was going to kill people today, but since I can’t do it with a legally acquired gun, I might as well just catch up on my soap opera’s instead.” What!?!? It could happen!

Recently, there has been a string of particularly grotesque murders around the country that involved blunt instruments such as hammers, baseball bats, knives, and the like. Haven’t heard of them? Interesting . . . I wonder if the liberal media doesn’t cover those stories so they can continue the fairytale that all killings would stop if we confiscated guns. Naah! That would be like saying that the media purposely fails to cover the hundreds of incidents each year where lives are saved by guns in the hands of would-be victims, or third parties who — except for the gun — would have been added to the ever-growing list of violent-crime victims. Oh boy! That’s just paranoid crazy talk . . . right?

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