Recently, a tremendous amount of information was gleaned from the Census. It reveals startling facts about “the poor” in America. For example, did you know that 80% of them have air conditioning? Were you aware that 75% of the “poor” own a car or truck? 31% of those 75% have more than one car or truck! I imagine that you are as shocked as I was to discover the foregoing statistics, but there is more.

Two thirds of the “poor” in America have cable or satellite television. That would imply that they have at least one television, would it not? Apparently, because two-thirds of the “poor” also have a DVD Player. 70% have a VCR. Now that is slumming!

The late Steve Jobs would be proud of the fact that one-half of the “poor” have a personal computer. One out of seven have more than one personal computer.

Half of the “poor” (with children) own an X-Box or a Playstation. Wow!

43% of the “poor” have internet access. I think this goes without saying, because it would be unfair for them not to have an internet connection for their computers. Do you know how bored you can get sitting at home all day not working?

This is my favorite. One-third have a widescreen plasma or LCD television.

One-fourth have a DVR! Again, if you’re going to get the flatscreen, you simply must have the DVR!

Get ready for this! 96% reported that their children have NEVER gone hungry due to a lack of food!!! This is so confusing . . . I thought President Obama told us that they have to make a daily choice between heat and food. Well, heat maybe, but seems unlikely when 80% have air conditioning.

Only 4% reported even TEMPORARY homelessness. In fact, 42% own their own homes.

Welcome to the new American poor. Poor is the new middle class, and wealthy (if Obama has his way) will be the new poor, because they are the ones paying for this.

Did you know that the average “poor” person in America has more living space than the average Swede or German? Read that again. The Swede and German are average income earners in their countries, not welfare recipients, and they have a smaller living space than our “poor.” Incredibly, Americans who are below the poverty line, are wealthier than 85% of the world’s population!

See Rector & Sheffield’s “Understanding Poverty” at Heritage.org for more fascinating facts about the “poor” in America . . . formerly referred to as the well-to-do. Try telling someone who lived through the depression, that these folks are poor. Although, if we wait a few months, we won’t have to. Our depression will unfortunately be coming soon to remind us of what poverty really is.

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