By now, I pray that you have heard of the Cloward and Piven strategy. It seems only fitting to write about it now; many decades since its inception, and in the final hours before it has consumed our once-vibrant nation. It is a strategy for destroying America which was designed by its namesakes. The ground-work has been laid by Progressives and other statists for more than a generation.

Here’s how it works: embark upon an all-out agenda to add more and more social programs, and other government spending until we are broke. Then, the government will be forced to borrow to continue the programs. Finally, despite the hardest-working taxpayers on the planet, the juggernaut that is the United States will collapse under its own weight. The collapse will include a substantial devaluation of the currency due to the exhorbitant borrowing that will be done on the way. Sound familiar yet?

Taxes will undoubtedly be increased, because when news of our government’s financial condition finally crowds celebrity gossip off the front page, it will be too late. Some taxpayers will be more receptive to “fixing” this problem with higher taxes, but that will exascerbate the problem by slowing the economy more. Ask your parents about Jimmy Carter’s economic policy. But that won’t stop some economically uneducated taxpayers from agreeing once it becomes apparent that we are on the brink of financial collapse. Although, they will be upset initially, many will see that big threatening debt means bigger tax payments.

Those taxpayers’ response will be borne out of a sense of responsibility, but in reality, tax increases on any taxpayer will seal our doom. Moreover, the same Preisdent that has been sounding the alarm, is our economic adversary. In fact, President Obama’s principal goal is to manage our nation’s decline while lulling the uninformed into a network “news”-induced trance which distracts them from their own impending peril. These folks must recognize what the media is NOT reporting, but it is precisely because they are not reporting our President’s complicity, that the uninformed remain the uninformed.

On one hand, President Obama is silent on uprisings like those on Wall Street and in cities around the country. He is borrowing more money, printing more money through quantitive easing I & II (and recently “the Twist”), and demanding that Congress authorize more spending to purchase more government jobs while simultaneously lecturing us that we should pay more in taxes. Does anyone really believe that a President who has spent more of our money than all Presidents before him, and who continues to demand MORE spending under the guise that purchasing more jobs will improve our deficit-laden economy — even though it never has before — is really going to use the additional tax revenue to pay down the debt?

On the other hand, he is quite vocal and supportive about festering disasters like the Occupation of Wall Street by the great unwashed. He speaks of them as though they are to be admired. Some of the vitriol and filth teeming among the protestors is so reprehensible as to be objectionable on that basis alone by a President. This is particularly true given the fact that the disorder they seek is happening to President Obama’s country . . . the one for which he is the leader.

The destabilizing objectives of these protestors — and their evil and radical backers — should meet with any President’s disapproval simply on the basis that it is a menace which seeks to collapse our banking system and sink our country into disorder and chaos. Everyone who owns a dollar, will lose its value upon a financial collapse; even the useful idiots who blindly help to cause it. Strangely, when asked about the protestors this week, Mr. Obama made his very first remarks on the nationwide protest which had already been going on for 18 days. His brief remarks indicated that he had seen coverage of the protests, and that he sympathized with them in blaming the banks. Every liberal Democrat interviewed this week (including the DNC’s Chairwoman, Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz, and the former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi) is giddy in their praise of the class envyism exhibited by the protestors.

Why? Because class envy is the greatest tool for diminishing the liberty of the citizenry, while elevating the power of the government. All of the citizenry is exploited in class envy. The rich will have even more of their wealth confiscated. The poor will receive more in government benefits which — unbeknownst to them — makes them even more dependent upon the government. Dependency is the antithesis of liberty. The winner is the government, because it grows, but a government is static. So, the true winners are the diabolical Progressives who gain one more step toward complete control, AND additional tax revenue.

This is one of those rare moments where every American citizen should stop and ask about the remarkably peculiar coverage of this event by the media, and ask why our President is its cheerleader. This is what civil unrest looks like. This response is akin to a fire department stating that they sympathize with arsonists while encouraging the flames to rage on. It doesn’t matter that you are a loathsome socialist Mr. Obama, it is your job to LEAD and to act like at least a mid-level manager rather than a cheerleader for the dollar’s collapse! You know, the way you did when Congresswoman Giffords had been shot. Remember the way you lectured us on the dangers of harsh rhetoric from the right . . . even though you knew nothing about the cause of the shooting? Or like the time you said you knew nothing about the situation involving the black college professor, but said the Cambridge “police acted stupidly” just for good measure?

Mr. Obama is like a sordid magician, he shows us one hand, but it is the other that we should fear. Beware the hand you can’t see because of the chaotic distractions that have mysteriously lingered and multiplied since he took office. That is the fingerprint of Saul Alinsky; manipulation through misdirection. The uninformed are called “useful idiots” by Mr. Alinsky. His plan for them in his books, makes this name perfectly apt.

Saul Alinsky was an important co-designer of this plan as he is the architect of manipulating “useful idiots” (Alinsky’s uninformed Americans) into the false belief that our freedom-induced success makes us sympathetic to more and more safety nets for the “poor,” which ironically impedes the economic success of the currently poor and of future generations. It is an Alinsky-designed game of dominoes and a race toward America’s financial ruin.

What is the end game? Control and the “transformation” that Obama promised. Obama is a student of Alinsky. Our President may not be the Manchurian candidate, but he is the Alinskian candidate, and it is a difference without a distinction. Socialism/communism/fascism and all statism has its greatest appeal when people are starving and desperate. The useful idiot protestors are simply setting the stage. They are all taking places as a massively ignorant tinderbox. Unbeknownst to them, they are morons who have merely — and predictably — answered a casting call by vile leaders that many of them have never heard of. “Places everyone,” while we await the cataclysmic event that will turn these hapless cattle into thieves, vandals, marauders, and ultimately, revolutionaries.

In the 1960′s, the sudden plague of violence and assassinations took the same type of meandering morons from flowers and beads to the DNC riots of 1968. God help us when the evil shepherds of these mindless sheep rear their heads. It is impossible to know what the ignition source will be, but I fear it is coming.

What sort of government will the master puppeteers bring us? Well, can it be as free as the one our Founders crafted after years of self-sacrifice, painstaking study of political structures and history, and absolute humility and reverance to God? Yeah right.

The genius of Progressivism through the Cloward & Piven approach, is that you PROGRESSIVELY transform into socialism. This brilliant, but lethal approach obviates the need for a revolution, at least initially. Instead, the disease of Progressivism rots liberty slowly from within, and by the time it takes root in our schools, government, and societies, it is too late. There will likely still be a revolution, but it will be like retaliating after the enemy is already inside the gate.

To illustrate the slow, but lethal cancer of Progressivism, one need only ask the “Occupation” protestors what they want. Ask them, “will you take liberty over hand-outs?” The answer — after the laughter dies down — will evidence with absolute clarity that they do not even recognize liberty. That is the problem. Their ignorance of what they already have makes it devoid of value. It does not exist to them precisely because they have been immersed in it their entire lives (for a discussion on this point, please see the post, “Freedom & The Fish Out Of Water”). That is unfortunate, but soon they will realize with equal clarity that they would sell everthing including their last stitch of clothes for the liberty they helped to destroy. That which is so plentiful is invisible and worthless, but all of the years of Progressive indoctrination will be swept away shortly after the Marxists, socialists, communists, liberals, and Progressives take over. They will eat each other. Unfortunately, they will eat us too.

The useful idiots themselves will shriek in horror when they realize what they have wrought. They will be equally shocked to learn that the groups funding their Kumbaya sit-ins are vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing who, according to Alinsky, will devour them first. That is the unique danger of Progressivisim. Its proponents fall into two categories: 1) those who seek power through tyranny, and 2) those who advance Progressivism as unwitting useful idiots whose greatest attribute to the tyrant is their gullibility, and whose greatest liability to him is their inevitable awakening therefrom. That is why the tyrant always slaughters the useful idiots first, because once he has gotten power, the utopia anticipated by the idiots turns out to be good old fashioned despotism. No rainbows, no flowers and beads, no love; just unimaginable horror, starvation, executions, and yes . . . even disparity, in much worse doses than the capitalism around whose dying neck it was hung. No big-screen T.V.’s, and no sponging off of mom and dad until you’re twenty-five. There is an old saying that seems to crop up in every statist country: “you don’t work, you don’t eat.” This realization will awaken the useful idiots and will risk that they will ally themselves with the rest of us in opposition to the tyrant. That is the point at which they have outlived their usefulness. The media “intellectuals” and the few Egyptians who actually believed in “the Arab Spring” as a “democracy movement” have already learned this lesson. Soon, an Iranian-like Islamic theocracy governed by Sharia law will be imposed completely, and the rest of the Christians, homosexuals, non-muslims, and rape victims will be executed.

Ultimately, all of the social programs will be gone because only a free society which fosters success can afford to pay for them. The dirty little secret is that class envy is the fuel of socialism. Socialism inevitably leads to despotism and tyranny. The mantra of the protestors is class envy, just like Karl Marx (and the American university system) teaches.

The Cloward and Piven strategy will bring America — and the Liberty that defines her — into despotism before it is over. At this moment, it is hard to avoid the fascination of gazing upon our own ruination where virtually noone is aware of America’s imminent fate, least of all the useful idiots carrying signs in our cities. The surrealism of American media lulling its viewers into a waltz of the ignorant is as sad as it is foretelling of our defeat.

The protestors, many of whom have admitted to being paid to be there, blame capitalism for our financial ruin. Capitalism is nothing more than economic freedom. Capitalism could only be abhored by one who has never lived in an alternative economic system. Would these protestors be happy if the government gave them each a business? Perhaps . . . at least temporarliy. But when the “grand opening” signs were taken down, and the brand new business owners realized that all of their earnings would have to be confiscated to pay for everyone else’s brand new gift of a taxpayer-funded business, and after most of the businesses failed because the shiftless protestors who sought them didn’t realize they had to actually work at the business, they might begin to see the wisdom of capitalism where each person is free to make his own way. As he does so, he achieves a greater level of happiness, and then he is able to afford to help those who are unable to work. Ironically, it is approximately at this point that Progressives will again begin to guilt us into never-ending expansions of those legitimate programs to include endless affirmative action, SSDI for ADHD, reparations, political correctness, sex-ed for kindergartners, deficit spending, government payments to grandparents for babysitting their own grandchildren, and the cycle repeats itself all over again.

In all my life, I never understood how titanic political/societal events long in the making can go unnoticed until their crescendo. It is as though we are stuck in the eye of a great and deadly hurricane which is known only to we few. It is the calm before the storm. The masses are blind to it, but it is coming nonetheless. How frustrating it must be for those throughout the ages who have comprehended great and impending doom while still in the hurricane’s eye. All around them, their fellow man is saturated with the blissful attitude of blue skies above despite the reality of his ever-nearing annihilation.

This will not be the first violent and lethal world-wide transformation. Surely then, we are not the first ones to find ourselves in this position; this terrible position which is akin to the premise in the movie, The Matrix, where only a few are even aware of what is happening in the world around them. The remarkable thing is that the uninformed have no idea that they are the uninformed.

It is so close now that the few of us “in the know” can feel the breath of this leviathan upon us. The Wisconsin union protests were so much more. National union leaders like Richard Trumka — a self-avowed socialist — told those of us who were listening that those demonstrations had less to do with unions and more to do with what he deemed, “massive social change.”

Do you want to know what I mean when I describe the “evil shepherds” and the “useful idiots”? Here is a great example. Andy Stern (a diabolical Alinskian) of SEIU (a very large union), told us in March 2011 that he was organizing a protest of Wall Street wherein he would pick a demon (a big bank) and stage a protest there. At the time, he specifically named JP Morgan, while offhandedly remarking that the target of the animus against Wall Street was less important than the overall goal. Mr. Stern’s stated goal to his socialist/anarchist revolutionary audience was to cause another financial crisis. The plan? To rile up 10% of mortgage holders (a/k/a useful idiots) with such hatred toward the banks, that they would be willing to join in a nation-wide mortgage boycott. He told the useful idiots in his audience — a description of whom is mirrored in the present-day Wall Street “Occupation” participants — that if 10% of mortgage holders boycotted their mortgage payments, they could cause a second financial crisis and crash the banks.

Mr. Stern’s idea was met with jubilance and cheers by the morons who lacked the foresight to picture what their world would look like thereafter. If the dollar becomes more worthless — which is hard to imagine — it will collapse. Interruptions in the food and energy supplies will follow. Unprecedented job losses will likely follow. Unrest and chaos will ensue. For the majority of these useful idiots, they will be the first to perish because so many of them are the shiftless masses who represent LBJ’s Great Society in that they are dependent upon the government for everything from their Ritalin to their rent. Accordingly, they have never actually provided for themselves and are thus weak. Unfortunately for hard-working Americans, it is this group that will easily morph into violent thieves. Their zeal for the property of others, combined with their irrational belief that they are entitled to it, makes taking it by force a foregone conclusion.

The term “useful idiots” can be traced to Saul Alinsky. If Barack Obama is the purposeful quarterback of America’s decline, then Saul Alinsky is the head coach. He drafted the playbooks that modern Progressives (and all statists) follow. Like all statist objectives, it is a plan of deception. The plan is to deceive good-natured Americans by packaging social programs in a wayn that appeals to our benevolance. Have you ever heard a modern statist pitch a social program as the latest and greatest way in which we can rob an entire segment of Americans of their will to work? Of course not, because it would not have appeal. What about if it were packaged in compassion? Now we’re talking. For example, instead of calling government hand-outs the equivalent of a “people-zoo” which offers security, free food, free shelter, etc., in exchange for freedom to succeed and thrive, Mr. Alinsky espoused packaging it as compassionate salvation. As part of this deception, handouts would be described as compassionate and necessary to rescue the impoverished. Unfortunately, the impoverished have graduated to a permanent welfare state which retains its poverty, and now beckons ours. Let’s compare that with Benjamin Franklin’s plan. When asked what we would do to help the poor, Franklin responded that, “We should make the poor uncomfortable and kick them out of poverty.”

Ask yourself: were you born with your own home? Did you always have the job or career you wanted? How about your salary . . . was it always as high as you wanted? Depending upon your age you may not understand the beauty of America’s freedom, but here it is: WE ALL STARTED OUT POOR! The question is why didn’t we stay that way? The answer is because we are free (for the time being) to plot, plan, and work our way out of it. The overwhelming majority of us will eventually own our own home, have a better job than our first one, earn a better income than our first one, and enjoy happiness that can only occur in freedom. How would your life be different if you were given an endless supply of government hand-outs and made comfortable in your “poverty”?

You need only look to the Occupy Wallstreet protestors to find out. They are the useful idiots Alinsky described. They believe that they are entitled to a certain standard of living. That belief is a tribute to the wide-spread effectiveness of Cloward & Piven. Worse yet, they believe that you and I should provide it to them. Their leaders are puppeteers, and they are the puppets. The job of the puppeteers is to take them one step farther down the path of rationalization. Their anger must be harnessed into the morally relative belief that they have the right to take the property of others. The bad news is that they are practically there. Imagine adding one crisis into this cauldron . . . another market crash, a worsening economy, war, assassination, or hunger. That will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Alinsky teaches us that once these pawns have served their purpose and participated in protests and advanced chaos and unrest, they have outlived their usefulness. What fate befalls them then according to Alinsky? Just ask Bill Ayers — an Alinskyite, and friend of President Obama’s — who described the answer to an undercover FBI agent investigating his 1960′s terrorist group, “the Weather Underground.” Mr. Ayers indicated that their plan to seize power through revolution would require them to exterminate 25 million people . . . American people. Many will be the useful idiots.

Incidentally, if you have listened to the interviews of some of the featured protestors, they are not the impoverished dregs of society. One “protestor” pointed at a bank and screamed, “that’s the bank that took my mother and father’s home . . . they did everything right, but that bank took their home!” It turns out the entire story was a lie. The young man is currently enrolled in a prestigious, and very expensive law school. His mother and father live in a home which they bought for $500,000.00. They owe only $50,000.00 on the home and are not in foreclosure at all.

Another man stands screaming out the rehearsed mantra of the protestors until he is confronted by an elderly man who suggests he should get a job. The young man maintains that he has a job and is a member of the “plumbers’ union,” and unleashes a tirade of antisemitic comments at the elderly man. Eventually, however, the young man suggests that viewers should check him out on youtube. Beware, this guy is vile, racist, and repugnant. He is the face of the movement which Cloward & Piven started long ago. He is a complete moron who has absolutely no idea what freedom is. He is like the Fish Out Of Water in the corresponding post (See “Freedom & The Fish Out Of Water”). Yet because he has been indoctrinated and poisoned into believing that America’s promise is a promise that is owed to him by others, he believes that he actually desires that which would be his undoing. If, as I suspect, he prefers unemployment and hand-outs, then he is marching for his own demise. If America suffers the financial crisis or socialist conversion this moron thinks he wants, his days of freebees are over. The former Soviet Union wasn’t know for generous social programs or freebees. Remember the line about not working and not eating?

Mr. Alinsky’s plan was set in motion a long time ago. The shocker is that the crescendo is building as we speak. The world’s statists (Liberals, Progressives, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists) along with Muslim extremist groups such as The Muslim Brotherhood which was founded as a Nazi muslim group are coming. As they near, we have already begun defeating ourselves while our President leads the Waltz Of The Ignorant. The standard news cycles come and go here in the eye of the hurricane. Do not expect that the enemies of America — or America’s untimely fate — will be announced as sudden, breaking news interrupting the nightly broadcast. That will not happen. The modern media is no more than elevator music in the sanitarium of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The enemy is upon us. Prepare for the coming storm. Let’s hope a cold winter hits first and drives these whiners back into the metropolitan luxury to which they are hypocritically accustomed.

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