I think you will love this poem, “The Gods of the Copybook Headings,” written by Rudyard Kipling.  It is utterly brilliant, and stunningly prophetic.  The Gods of the copybook headings represent common sense, and universal truths about humanity which exist whether or not man likes — or approves of — them.  They pronounce universal truths of the human condition and existence that are intrinsic laws of humanity, or laws of nature; as concrete and inescapable as the notions that water wets us, and fire burns us.  These are unchangeable facts which are not so pliable as man’s ability to understand them, or his willingness to be persuaded that they are, somehow, no longer absolute and true.  When exposed to the blinding, degenerative disease of ”social progress”, these truths become shrouded and made to appear uncertain.  As a consequence, liberty is both sacrificed by its unwitting beneficiaries, and premeditatedly murdered by its enemies.  This bizarre co-conspiracy sides lambs with wolves in a civil war against a free nation whose constitutionally ignorant masses have no idea they are about to lose it.  Kipling attributes the “social progress” movement(“Progressivism”)  for the “intellectual” man’s cyclical willingness to subvert that which he knows to be good, concrete and true, but to fully understand this dynamic, the Progressives should be delineated into two distinct groups; the Manipulators, and the Pawns.

The Manipulators are self-described enemies of America.  They are the result of a movement that began under former President, Woodrow Wilson.  They are followers of the writings of Saul Alinsky, such as the radicals from the 1968 Chicago DNC riots.  They are the domestic terrorists, left-over Viet Nam-era socialist protestors, and America-haters like the Weather Underground (Bill Ayers, and wife Bernardine Dohrn).  They are union leaders like Richard Trumka.  They are thousands of committed socialists, Marxists, and communists, and Progressives that desperately seek to steal America’s liberty and replace it with statism.  They are the violent thugs hidden in the masses of protestors in Greece and Great Britain who are unknown to their benign fellow protestors.  They will be the ones that purposely turn those riots — and the ones we can expect here in the United States — violent and deadly.  They are also socialist masterminds and financiers such as billionaire, George Soros, and others.  The Manipulators do not believe at all in the lofty goals they profess and will dispense with them violently 15 minutes after they collapse the target nation.  The lofty goals, and the perception of class envy, are merely the lure that draws in the unwitting Pawns.   The Pawns are the gullible true believers whose enlistment is necessary to the Manipulators’ planned transformation of sovereign nations into tyrannical rule.

Saul Alinsky (one of the original Progressives who authored the Progressives’ how-to bibles entitled Revele For Radicals, and Rules For Radicals and lived in Chicago after the Chicago race riots of the 1930′s which later became a hot-bed for socialists and progressives indoctrinated as ”community organizers”) described these pawns as useful idiots of the otherwise useless middle class.  Alinsky wrote that you must control the middle class in order to take power.  That’s right, Alinsky’s books are how-to manuals designed for the sole purpose of taking power; not bringing about any utopia –  just good, old-fashioned seething greed and ambition.  His books were dedicated to Satan which gives you some insight into the true purpose of disguising the quest for ultimate power of Progressivism as an equality movement.  Dressing the destruction of free America up as an expansion of freedom — when in fact it would extinguish it – is designed to appeal to the constitutionally ignorant masses who do not understand they are passionately assisting in the destruction of their own liberty and way of life.

In this way, Alinsky tracks the KGB subversion strategy, as well as that of the American socialist and communist parties.  The lynchpin to understanding this strategy is that it is based upon deception.  In that way it appeals to the Progressive Pawn described herein and lures the unwitting who desire to be do-gooders.  They perceive their participation as such.  Thus, they are truly distinguishable from their Manipulator counterparts; although, it is the combination that has been so lethal to freedom and the American way of life.  It should be noted that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are students of Alinsky.  In fact, Mrs. Clinton wrote a 75-page tribute to Saul Alinsky while she was in college.  Since Alinsky writes so candidly about his objective (destroying the United States to steal power by duping the middle class into believing his evil is actually a benevolence movement), it seems clear that Mrs. Clinton falls into the Manipulator class of Progressives.

Both Alinsky and Agent Bezmenov admit that after the middle class has been used, they are no longer useful.  In fact, Agent Bezmenov describes the KGB plan as requiring the rapid elimination of the duped pawns, because they pose a risk when they see what they have wrought.  In other words, even those unsuspecting, gullible Pawns that enabled the destruction of the United States as we know it and morphed it into a despotic regime, must be exterminated for fear that after it is achieved, they will finally understand that they were sold a pack of lies.  It is difficult to comprehend the ignorance of those who could work so hard — hand in hand with the Manipulators like the KGB, George Soros, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, and other virulent America-haters – to achieve something so vile; all the while believing the end result would be their long-awaited delusional moment at which Michael really does row the boat ashore.  The fact is that all of the aforementioned strategies of manipulation rely upon these Pawns of the middle class, and realize they must dispose of them when the Progressive manipulators’ goal (a socialist state for the KGB, or tyrannical power under the Alinsky model) is achieved.  Agent Bezmenov states that the brainwashing of an entire American generation has already been achieved through formalized educational propaganda in America with better success than its KGB architects could have ever dreamed of.

It seems that Progressive Pawns willfully discard reason in favor of a willful self-hypnosis which permits them to pursue a perceived utopia in the face of absolute truths to the contrary, and ultimately, at the expense of their very freedom . . . and that of their countrymen.  In the process, the Progressive Pawn fails, because he genuinely believes in the utopia he has been sold.  Either he achieves what his Manipulator seeks and finally realizes he has been duped, or he fails because America continues to stave off Progressivism.  These two alternatives are obvious and predictable to all but he and his brainwashed brethren.  Ironically, the only ones in the know are his co-conspirator Manipulators and those of us who resist them.

It seems likely that the Pawns will succeed in carrying out their Manipulators’ design.  If they do, they will destroy the nation and society which allowed them to thrive – to the point at which the disease of Progressivism surfaces.  That point is reached only after a society/nation has evolved to the point at which individual survival is no longer a serious concern.  That is when the trappings of excess distract the “evolved intellectual” into the belief that perfection is attainable for all.  Kipling describes this period as the beginning of the brave new world, “When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins.”   This is clearly distinguishable from a violent revolution such as the French or Russian revolutions against their aristocratic governments.  The middle-class Pawns would likely abandon their complicity if violence were required of them.  That is less clear as among the brainwashed University Pawns, whose zeal is greater.

If the Progressive Pawn were pre-occupied with his struggle to survive economically (see the Post entitled, “Liberty + Statism = Statism” for an explanation of this premise), the luxury of funding Progressivism’s stated mission(s), or participating as its activist would be unlikely, and probably unappealing.  That is the point at which the “evolved intellectual” sets about destroying the very system which permitted this epiphany of ignorance as the zenith of intellectualism.  He does this, because he grows ignorant of his own freedom’s obvious attributes and seeks to improve it; although, he is blind to the reality that he is destroying it.  Those who persuade this man to this point are mere power mongers who harness the useful idiots to advance their power grab.  Of course, the irony is that that system has proved its efficacy by enabling man to not merely survive, but to evolve so far beyond survival, that he now has the freedom to toil in loftier endeavors, and that is his undoing.  When seen as a cyclical pattern, one can see why ignorance of history, and abandonment of common sense are critical prerequisites to the “social progress” movement.  In the United States, constitutional ignorance — and even constitutional disdain — is required as well; although, its fate often resides at the hands of  “social progress engineers” in black robes whose decisions are issued without regard to the text of the Constitution.  See generally, Men In Black (by Mark Levin).

Kipling’s poem illustrates that humans subject themselves to perpetually repetitive cycles wherein they, first, learn and believe in the aforementioned universal truths (actual knowledge), but then ”evolve” to a point where they shed them in the name of snake-oiled ”enlightenment,” where man exhibits his “evolved” willingness to abandon common-sense in favor of aspirational blindness.  This status is a sort of willful stupidity which is most apparent in highly developed societies.  See the Post entitled: ”Liberty + Statism = Statism” for a theory on the environment wherein this mass self-delusion typically thrives.  This brings about their decline, destruction, subjugation, loss of liberty, despotism and ultimately a renewal of adherence to universal truths, and common sense recognized in their misery, and achieved during their resurgence.  If they thrive again, their success makes a fertile environment for the same, old Progressivism and the process is repeated again as they “evolve” further and further from the knowledge that got them there.

Kipling attributes this self-destructive cycle to the ”social progress” movement, and he is correct.  It is clear that the great empires no longer fall to external forces.  The greatest pest in modern, developed nations is the cancer of the Progressive movement.  Progressivism is just good, old statism (see the Posts entitled: “Cradle To Grave”; “Government Expansion, The Cure Or The Affliction”; and “Liberty + Statism = Statism” for discussions on statism), but its proponents disguise it as moral superiority so that those who resist it can be summarily dismissed as racists, or out-dated fools who “cling to their guns and religion,” to quote President Obama.  As you can see, it is really no different than the type of covert socialist transformation described below by KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov.  It is statism or collectivism.  The only difference is that it is fraudulently packaged and sold as moral superiority, and is driven by political correctness, pseudo-empathetic balkanization of constituent races and groups, excessive sensibility, and the chronically offended.  Unfortunately, only the realization of their efforts — despotism — finally awakens the unwitting pawns of the movement to which they have devoted themselves in the name of utopia.  This is of little consolation to Kipling and those of us who can recognize the same old snake oil, because we must share the price of destruction imposed upon us by the tireless Progressives whose dedication is matched only by their ignorance.  We are the stubborn, common-sensers who still quote time-honored maxims of humanity like, “. . . you can fool some of the people all of the time . . .”  We are reviled by the Progressives as out-dated morons who lack the capacity to understand the wisdom of their “brilliant” plan for utopia, and are, thus, obstacles thereto.

By the term “copybook headings”, he is referring to the little writing templates that we used to do as children in writing class.  The lines we had to write tended to embody those universal truths.  It is a captivating illustration.  I think that would make Glenn Beck the teacher.  Well classmates, put your thinking caps on because this poem constitutes real wisdom — the kind that we don’t see today . . . the kind that comes from eye-witness accounts of human evil and manipulation.  You can feel it as you read on.  Unfortunately, the up-close and personal horror that precipitated this poem is lost within one generation.  It becomes just another poem among many.

Anyway, this poem is the most poignant example of human desire to believe — in the name of intellectualism — that which defies common sense and thus depart from the knowledge that got us to being the greatest country on earth. Typically, the new knowledge is sold as enlightenment; rendering those who cling to common sense as simply unevolved and too ignorant to understand.  I think of Martin Sheen’s character in “Wall Street” as the character who knows better than to believe Gordon Gecko’s promises of prosperity for all, unlike his son who chooses to believe – and thus is complicit – in the slaughter of his father’s company.  As indicated, the “intellectual” liberal is a Progressive.  As such, he falls into two categories: 1) those who truly believe in statism (the antithesis of individual freedom), who purposely and deliberately move the ball toward the collapse of capitalism (Progressive Manipulators), and 2) those who ally themselves with category #1, but out of an innocent belief that there can be perpetual peace, prosperity, and happiness as long as we surrender our own protections of those things and give them over to government on the promise that they are not needed (Progressive Pawns).  This is the fairy-tale-believer crowd that Kipling so brilliantly describes. They believe that the world’s virtually continuous record of war, starvation, slavery, subjugation, etc only exists because humans were stupid.  If we can just hand over our primitive fixation on violence, guns, and individuality, we can all be humming love tunes and exchanging flowers by this time next year.  Those people are the uninformed co-conspirators of those more malicious folks in category #1; they are the only ignorant group in this paradigm. They are the sheep who go willingly and ignorantly to their own slaughter.  Unfortunately, they take the rest of us with them, believing all-the-while that we will thank them when they foist their “enlightened” new society upon us.

Although this is perhaps the most brilliant poem about human nature, the last two stanzas are my favorite because they capture the cyclical nature of ignorance in the name of enlightenment . . . that although we know better, the next generation is always ready to be sold the same enlightenment snake oil, and thus, the process repeats. The sad truth is that true knowledge (common sense, history, belief in God and Biblical truths about humanity which are true even if you disagree with them and with faith) seems to always have a shelf life. Humans want to replace knowledge when it gets old; mistaking it for evidence of one’s primitivity. Enter the snake oil salesman with promises that there is such a thing as a free lunch, etc.

Yuri Bezmenov interview

The interviews of former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov are, quite simply, the most remarkable, unclassified, expose of ”social justice” ever.

View the Video on YouTube

Agent Bezmenov reveals that the KGB was never really devoted to intellegence.  Rather, during his involvement, the KGB’s main mission was to destroy the United States from within.  In fact, during that period, the KGB expended 90% of its resources to silent infiltration into American society, like its colleges, and media.  The purpose of this was to destroy America by brainwashing its students out of its otherwise obvious governmental and societal superiority and history of unparalleled achievement through via individual freedom.  It explains the purposeful — and psychologocally designed — brainwashing of America’s college students (referred to as “soft brains”) by the KGB.  He explains with emotionless, scientific candor that to “contaminate” a society to Marxism, Socialism, or Communism takes only about 15 years, because that is the amount of time necessary to “brainwash” an entire generation by teaching them the myriad of socialist “equality”, all of which he describes as utopian tools of manipulation which are in actuality complete lies, but which are vehicles to a socialist conversion which simultaneously immunizes its willful idiots from actual reality and truths.   He is frighteningly confident about the fact that once a generation is “contaminated” (i.e. brainwashed with socialism noting the importance of choking off honest, comparative discussion of the obvious shortcomings of statism, and the obvious advantages of liberty) with the seeds of socialism disguised as utopia, it will take at least 25 years to get a pro-American class back through the pipeline.  Thus, a single brainwashed generation requires only a 15-year investment, and will gladly destroy American freedom — a governmental design which is globally unique and empowers the individual over the State — as it ignorantly champions socialism while destroying individual freedom.

For example, he describes how this brainwashing process renders its believers so ignorant that they no longer admit the universal truths described in the opening paragraph above, and in the Kipling poem referenced herein.

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