Electrical Shortage In A Socialist Dictatorship

On March 15, 2010, Hugo Chavez is sending the Venezuelan Military’s troops out to its people’s houses to forcibly replace people’s light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL bulbs because a drought has reduced their hydroelectric production.  The comparisons between Obama (and American Progressives) and Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez are frighteningly similar. 

Eco-Hijackers; Green is Merely The Vehicle Justifying Statism

What would you think if the U.S. Military were ordered to enter your home and confiscate all of your light bulbs?  The Progressives reading this would think: “Great!  We can finally get our Energy Hogs under control by force.”  You should be afraid to share a country with people who think like that.   There are other lessons here.  Look at what happens when a nation is dependent upon hydroelectric power only . . . or wind power.  When the rain doesn’t fall, or the wind doesn’t blow, the lights go out.  The refrigerators fail and everyone starves . .  . in the dark.  One of the most radically socialist Obama appointees (and that’s saying something) was Van Jones.  He was the green czar.  Before that, he devoted his life to radical, militant, anti-Caucasian philosophy.  His knowledge of the environment or science pales by comparison to his main gig which is the spreading of radical, racist socialism.  It is his reason for being.  Unfortunately, the green movement became the perfect vehicle for him to get there.  If you espouse the destruction of individual liberty, Americans resist, but if you find a justification for it, millions will not even see that you’re doing it.  Or, if some do, most will not. 

The tree-hugger crowd may legitimately believe that timbering is wrong (despite the recent findings from a 30-year study by the co-founder of GreenPeace).  They are easily hijacked by one who espouses radical green policies for a different motive.  The GreenPeace study found that as a renewable resource which does not require manufacturing, chemicals, or pollution to make – and does not permanently occupy land-fill space after its use – wood is the eco-friendliest building material on earth.  What will shock you is the fact that his environmentalist cohorts have excommunicated him as a result.  He sought to impartially find the least harmful building material by devoting his life to its study.  The studied conclusion is what many in the “green” movement have chosen to ignore.  Why?  Whether you agree with them or not, true environmentalists seek to preserve environmental health.  Eco-hijackers like Van Jones, however, seek the control of industry and use the disguise of environmentalism to achieve it.  Thus, even if the study is sound, they will ignore it, because for them environmentalism is merely the vehicle to their anti-industry agenda.  For example, loggers have been replanting harvested areas since at least 1964, but you have probably never heard that.  If the vehicle breaks down, the movement breaks down.  If the facade is removed, the radical’s agenda is exposed.  What is fascinating is to see glimpses such as this, where their true motives are revealed.  This is where they exploit the environment to advance that statist agenda, they can be seen for what they really are; statists who will set the environment on fire if it advances statism.  Environmentalists beware . . . the person sitting next to you in that Redwood Tree is an Eco-hijacker.  He is the enemy within.

How Many Politicians Does it Take to Screw Up a Light Bulb?

It may surprise you to know that our Democratically controlled Congress has already outlawed incandescent light bulbs (the mono-filament type invented by Thomas Edison) in the name of the green movement; however, they are not illegal until 2014.  Will our military, or law enforcement be sent to enforce compliance?  Well, Obama has already implemented his plan to inspect all homes before they are permitted to be sold to ensure that they comply with green policies such as light bulbs, etc.  What happens if you don’t want to let them in?  Well, what happens if you don’t pay the ObamaCare fines?  Imprisonment for 1-5 years.

Collectivism Devours Individual Liberty . . . Because It Must

If you think imprisonment is off the table for green offenses think again.  When the interests of the collective are placed higher than those of the individual, individuals are crushed for the greater good.  History has shown this.  In the U.S.S.R., Stalin executed virtually all farmers because his confiscation of their crops after they had worked their entire lives to farm was understandably met with some resistance.  The farmers were executed and the resistance ended . . . so did the productivity of the farms.  The point is that Statism (socialism, communism, Marxism) is the belief that the collective leaves no room for the individual; not even enough room for their right to live or to own property when those rights interfere with the collective. 


If that sounds like Utopia to you, then you should consult this blog daily (see, “The Global Warming Masquerade”), because you have not thought it through and you have not read the Constitution or world history.  You will be the one smiling the longest . . . right up to the moment that you realize that you have been an ignorantly complicit pawn fighting vehemently for your own destruction.  Only after it arrives will you realize the horror you have wrought.  Then, you will understand the Constitution and its protections because you will see the world you have created; a world free of limitations ON GOVERNMENT, where true freedom is an impediment and is therefore eradicated by the omnipotent government you have helped to create.  Are you the complicit pawn whose ignorance moves you — and forces the rest of us – to our undoing?  If you are, you too will realize your mistake, but it will be too late for you, and you deserve that.  The greater injustice is that it will be too late for the rest of us too who saw it coming.  We are the informed constitutionalists that you see as the enemy of your misguided movement.  It is fitting that you too should be enslaved by the eco-hijackers you have followed, but that is little comfort to the rest of us.

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