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In an effort to make our military uniforms more “unisex,” the Obama administration is considering changing the hats worn by the United States Marines. The government estimates that this will cost more than $8 million! Consider this: three weeks ago, the Pentagon was asked to make “nonessential” cuts in the wake of the government slimdown. Unbelievably, they cut one of the smallest budget items that the military has; death benefits for military members killed in action. Does that bother you?

In the same month that the military cut benefits to military families whose loved ones were killed in action, they announce that they are actually considering spending $8 million on new unisex hats for the Marines. They are not proposing new bullet-proof helmets, or some other rational thing. No. They are mulling over a new, smaller version of the white-brimmed dress cap in the name of unisexuality at a cost of over $8 million?!?!?! Worse yet, approximately 94% of the Marine Corps (pronounced like “corpse” according to Mr. Obama) is made up of men. So, we are going to spend $8 million to “neuter” their hats?!?!?! For what . . . a kinder, gentler Marine Corps?!?!

What does that say about our government? What does that say about us? Well, it says our government is either insane, or more interested in the sexual appearance of the military, than it is in our military personnel and their families!!! If you think that’s over the top, then let’s agree for the sake of argument, that there is no ill intent here. Now, can we at least agree that government is simply so big, that it wouldn’t otherwise ever even delve into this politically correct minutiae?

The key to our nation’s survival is that we must decide honestly whether an $8 million hat expenditure is that important to us. Does anyone out there actually demand that we change the Marines’ headwear? I think that group — if it exists — could fit into my living room (it’s not a huge living room). Even some of those would jump ship if you told them it will cost $8 million!

That leaves the rest of us (about 99.9% of all Americans). We have two options: 1) We can either pretend that changing hats is critical because we love Obama and we are devoted to the Democratic Party, or we can be disgusted by this initiative because the Republicans told us to, or because we heard about it on Fox News:

But, there is another choice. We can just ask whether we think spending $8 million that we don’t have on freaking hats is just ridiculous, particularly when three weeks ago, our Pentagon cut off death benefits to these same heroes killed in action!!! See how that works? We actually excised the Party crap from our decision-making and now we can think for ourselves. Once we decontaminate our minds, the vast majority of us can be friends again; democrats, republicans, independents, etc.. More importantly, we can take power back from the very ruling class that has us bickering with each other over non-issues while they burn the nation and indebt our children!

Cue the acoustic guitars: “Michael row the boat ashore hallelujah . . .” Every body now . . . !


President Obama’s new Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) appointee is a Keynesian. There has been a lot of talk about when the Fed will stop printing/digitizing money, but the salient question is when will they increase the printing of money. You see, there are no examples in known history where a country who begins massive money-printing ever stops. It cannot be stopped. We are now in round three of Obama’s quantitative easing (i.e. money printing). Such reckless printing of money is designed to prop up an economy that is stalled. That is the cold, hard truth. The printing of money serves one goal; to stop the nation’s economy from falling flat on its face. Because, all of the policies coming out of Washington, D.C. are stifling the economy, printing money can serve as a surrogate . . . but not for long. Money-printing is to a nation’s currency, what heroin is to a heroin addict. It is addictive, and difficult to stop. Indeed, after a while, a heroin addict will reach a point in his addiction at which he will die if he stops using. Likewise, our nation will fall into a depression if we stop printing money. Flooding the system with money is like a shot of adrenaline to the stock market, but if market gains are based upon funny money instead of actual market productivity how can our government stop printing? Our money is not tied to anything of value. Franklin Roosevelt took us off of gold-based currency many years ago. Since then, the dollar’s only value derives from confidence in the economic power of the world’s freest economy. But, we are no longer that country. In fact, America ranks 10th in the world in market freedom. Singapore is number one!?!?! Singapore has lower taxes, less restrictive regulations, etc. than the United States!?!?! Consequently, Singapore is flourishing, and America is foundering. Yet every day, the President introduces new job-killing regulations in the name of the middle class that he is killing.

The problems in Washington are endemic and are endorsed by BOTH parties. Democrats seek to help the middle class by regulating their jobs out of existence, and moderate Republicans simply go along with it, or curtail it just enough to appear conservative. During the 2008 presidential election, Mr. Obama promised socialistic transformation, and Mr. McCain promised a smaller version of the same. If Americans do not see that Progressive policies are to blame, and that both parties are infected with them, then we will not survive the collapse of the dollar.

The alternative economic theory would be freedom; to do what Ronald Reagan did and unleash the American entrepreneur. If we did everything we could right now (go great guns on energy production, sell federally held lands to private American citizens to pay down the debt, take the cuffs off of the oil and gas industry, and repeal most — if not all — of Obama’s 100,000+ federal regulations, dramatically shrink the federal government now (restrict or dissolve the EPA, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and its grant program, lift restrictions on refineries, build the Keystone XL pipeline, and aggressively remove state and federal impediments to new businesses including ObamaCare)). Obama will never do these things proven by Reagan to rescue an economy. That is a guarantee. Even in the face of having to increase money-printing, the man raised by Frank Marshall Davis , and further inculcated by Saul Alinsky will never concede to free-market principles. That leaves only one choice; money-printing.

Mark my words, the Obama presidency will not only preside over the largest money-printing experiment in American history, he will dramatically increase his money-printing. That will be the thing that ends our dollar, and our nation as we know it. From this point on, we will follow the same road as the Weimar Republic. To be sure, that is what Progressives know as “[t}he Road We [Are] Travel[ing].”

Yellen just announced an increase in the interest rate one month before Obama leaves office. This is designed to further depress the economy so that president-elect Trump can be blamed by the media. Be prepared, America! For the first time in 8 years, you are going to be treated to wall-to-wall coverage about the terrible condition of the American economy. Low-information voters (i.e. Democrats and other statists) will for the first time in 8 years hear the torrent of bad news that is Obama’s economy. This will be a true test of whether Trump’s completely unexpected victory was truly a rejection of Left-wing bias in the media (which has done everything it could to propagandize for Obama, and his legacy candidate, Hillary Clinton).

Will they drink the Kool-Aid that Obama’s economy was great (even though he is the only President ever to suffer no GDP growth in 8 years — even though, his administration redefined how GDP is calculated which experts at the time opined would artificially add 3% to the annual GDP calculation). Worse yet, Obama has presided over the lowest labor participation rate in more than 70 years! Shockingly, however, CNN reported today that Obama’s real unemployment rate today is 9.3%. Notwithstanding that rare instance of impartial news on CNN, I predict that the mainstream media will suddenly discover that the economy sucks in America, but it will be reported as a newsflash for which President Trump will be entirely responsible.

Obama has printed/digitized 4 times more dollars than there were in the world when he took office. Obama more than doubled our present national debt which is now $20 trillion! This does not even include unfunded future liabilities like social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The printing of money (Quantitative Easing) has resulted in cheap money, and has predictably been VERY lucrative for large investors in the stock market like the reserve banks, but even that has come at a cost to the masses of average American investors.

Recall that even Reagan had to suffer through two years before his economic policies caught fire in the economy and began to take off. Obama’s damage exceeds even Carter’s. At this point, the dollar seems dead. I fully expect the world to continue its push to completely eliminate physical currency, and replace it with digital currency which will kill our privacy, and leave us beholden to banks even during periods of negative interest rates. India is finding that out now.

In fact, if productivity increases under Trump, it will still likely force us through a period of inflation because we will still have too many dollars chasing too few goods. The media will pounce on this, not as an indictment of Obama’s wreckage, but to crucify conservative economic policies. Unfortunately like so many Leftist propaganda stories, many Americans (especially recent college graduates and those too young to remember Reaganomics), are too ignorant about economics to know better. Buckle up America! You will not be able to turn on a TV without being inundated by news about our suddenly horrible Trump economy. The Left-wing media will similarly discover that the world is far more dangerous after Obama’s abysmal foreign policy, but that, too, will be erroneously blamed on Trump. None of our economic problems will be blamed on Obama; their purposeful architect. For 8 years, the networks have performed in a way that would embarrass even the Soviet TASS news service to hide or explain away the harsh economic realities wrought by Obama.

After Trump’s election, will America continue to resist our mainstream media’s propaganda? On January 20, 2017, we shall see . . .


We hear a lot of criticism about capitalism and frequently it centers around greed. The question is: Does greed have a master? Is there some system by which greed can be kept in check? If so, how can that be accomplished? First, we’ll look at free-market capitalism.

In order to do that, let’s remember the character, Gordon Gecko, from the movie, Wall Street. He was the purported pinnacle of greed. He would take over companies and their fate would depend upon whatever was best for Mr. Gecko’s bottom line. He was greedy. Greed is one of many human frailties that will always be present.

If it made him more money, Mr. Gecko would restructure the company so that it could continue to function and pay him profits. If, on the other hand, its profitability could not be achieved, he would simply cannibalize the company; carving it up and selling its assets to the highest bidder.

So, in a free-market system, people like Gordon Gecko will always do whatever lines their pockets the most. Let’s examine that. If the company can be made profitable, it will persist. In so doing, salaries will be paid to the employees, the company’s service will still be available to its customers, and Mr. Gecko will make his profit. Each employee will continue to shop and otherwise spend their paychecks which will help countless other businesses. What about taxes? Well, each employee will continue to pay taxes, the corporation will pay taxes (under the IRS fiction that it is a person), and Mr. Gecko will pay taxes on his precious profit.

Occasionally, the company will have to purchase goods, and services from other businesses such as office supply stores, consultants, tax professionals, plumbers, A/C repair people, carpet layers, painters, etc. (to do necessary repairs as needed on the building(s)), computer systems personnel, and countless others. Thus, Mr. Gecko’s greed pays dividends to countless others. Surely a greedy bastard such as he cannot stomach the notion that his quest for greed enriches others. So, what if he decides he is going to double the prices he charges? What if he triples them, or quadruples them so that he can further maximize his precious profits and satisfy his insatiable greed? Well, to simplify this question, let’s assume Mr. Gecko runs a Wal-Mart. If he increases his prices beyond those of his competitors, then his business will likely fail. Is it possible for him to market his store as the new Saks Fifth Avenue of grocery stores, and that might find a niche, but he will no longer be competitive with other low-price-based grocery stores. Thus, the free market will keep even Gordon Gecko’s infamous greed in check.

What if he cannibalizes the company? Well, because of his greed, he will only do that if it earns him more money than simply keeping the company open. But, if he does that, some other company will be able to purchase used goods they need. Hopefully, their acquisition of low-cost machinery, inventory, etc. can be used to keep them profitable. if so, they may need to hire additional employees. Perhaps the buyer of Mr. Gecko’s building(s) will establish new businesses therein.

By contrast, is greed also held in check by government? Well, government has no duty to please with its services. Its services are compelled by force. For example, the IRS does not exist for customer service. It exists to take money from American individuals and businesses under penalty of imprisonment. Even taxpayers who find money in an old garage-sale purchase are required by law to pay taxes on it. How about public (government) schools? When you go to the school to complain about the new policy which teaches young children to put condoms on bananas, no one gets fired. No one even gets sent home without pay. You are free to go to a private school, but you must continue to pay property taxes to the public school. If you do not have the money to pay for private school, you must continue to send your child to the condom school. There are indeed differences between government and private business. One of those differences is choice, but what about greed?

Well, when Jimmy Stewart’s character, “Mr. Smith,” went to Washington, he was idealistic. He trusted the congressman that helped get him elected, because that man was his father’s long-time friend. As it turned out, the congressman’s greed ultimately led him to deceive Mr. Smith, and to try to destroy him. Greed in government leads to corruption because no price is paid for it. Rather, it enriches him to be greedy and immoral. If a politician is greedy, he will sponsor legislation that enriches and empowers him.

For example, the prohibition on Insider Trading under the Securities Exchange Act (S.E.A.) exempts Congress. Congress can use inside information it learns to make money in the markets, and you can’t! Worse yet, Congress can enact laws specifically designed to earn their stocks money. Why would it do that? Well, Congress wrote the law, and congressmen are not immune from human frailties such as greed. In fact, they are great utilizers of it. The whole purpose of the S.E.A. was to ensure to individual investors like you and me that the rich, powerful, and connected could not exploit us by using “insider” information which is unavailable to the rest of us. The rationale was that there should be a level playing field to foster confidence in the integrity of the stock market. Then, why would anyone in a position of power be exempted? Again, because Congress gets to write the laws, and greed is very rewarding in government.

There are innumerable government powers to illustrate this point far beyond the S.E.A. For example, did you ever notice how many politicians enter Congress as middle-class people, but leave as multi-millionaires? Did you ever notice how many politicians just happen to buy worthless farm land just before a brand new interstate road project is announced to go through it? We had a local congressman who owned property for 45 minutes, and then sold it for millions more than he paid for it! Imagine that! As Ms. Piggy would say, “what an unbelievable coincidence!”

Locally, in order to open a business, you need a permit (among other things). Assuming you don’t have to “grease” the local politician, the permit can still come with strings attached. The municipality in which you seek to start, build, and grow your business can lawfully extract things from you in exchange for permission to open the doors. You might think that local politicians would clear the way for you to bring a new business complete with new tax revenue, new employment opportunities for citizens, etc. to their town. Usually, however, they ask what you can do for them. So, a new store might have to build, improve, or widen roads, or other public expenses. Politicians vested with the power to decide whether you can start a new business, have a great deal of power over you. In this example, their greed benefits them while it restricts your ability to enter the “free” market. Along with restricting you, it may restrict all of the potential employees you would have hired. Even where your business permit was lawfully conditioned upon things like building a new park, the politician will be the one at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. He will receive accolades for the park that he required you to pay for.

To be sure, government does not hold greed in check. To the contrary, it is the most fertile ground for greed to flourish.


Within hours of the government’s partial shutdown, Obama acted to exacerbate the otherwise insignificant impact. For a President who notoriously refuses to lead, Obama really gets moving when he sees an Alinskian opportunity to “never let a good crisis go to waste.” The World War II Memorial is a microcosm of Saul Alinsky’s theory of human cattle-prodding to elicit desired behavior.

For example, how did the federal government print up thousands of shutdown signs and distribute them to hundreds of federal locations across the country over the course of one night? The signs read: “Because of the Federal Government SHUTDOWN, All National Parks are CLOSED.” Moreover, after the government shut down, how was it able to transport and install thousands of large, steel barricades all over the United States? If there is no money to keep the parks open, how do we have the money to load, transport, off-load, and install thousands of barricades at federal parks? The barricades appeared the first morning following the shutdown; many of which are simply open-air parks! You just stand there and LOOK at the memorial. Each morning, the barricades are removed by visiting WWII veterans (under Obama’s threat of arrest), and each night they are replaced — BY WORKERS WHO REFUSE TO WORK THE PARK DURING REGULAR DAYLIGHT HOURS!?!?!? Starting to get the picture?

The WWII Memorial is a great example by which we can reveal what is really going on by our dictator-in-chief. To illustrate the point, you must know only three things: 1) the WWII vets were told in advance that they would be arrested if they entered the memorial, 2) when the vets arrived, they were blocked from entering by large, steel barricades, and 3) they moved the barricades, and entered the memorial under threat of arrest, but for three days they have come (moving the barricades themselves each time), only to find the memorial re-barricaded when they arrive each morning.

WWII vets frequently travel to the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. Many are taken there by “Honor Flights,” a group funded by private donations. It is part of a program that seeks to unite these elderly heroes at their Memorial before they leave this earth. They are regularly transported here from all over the United States. Upon calling the National Park Service to request entry to the Memorial (given the shutdown, and in light of the fact that these trips are scheduled a year in advance at a cost of $80,000-$100,000), they were told that they would be arrested if they entered.

If we had an honest media — or if a Republican President were in office — this would be the lead story on every major news network in America. This thuggish mistreatment has gone on for days! It is the methodology of cattle-herding. Socialists like Obama must convince you that you NEED more and more government. Obama fears that Americans will realize the shutdown has virtually no impact on their lives; so much so, that the decision to bully 80 and 90 year-old WWII heroes is an easy one. In fact, he has repeatedly re-barricaded the memorial for three days now (even though we do not have the money to let veterans visit the outdoor, open-air memorial — which costs nothing). Who is paying to place the barricades? If they’re doing that, can’t they just stand there during the day like they usually do and let people walk around? Fortunately, these heroes have more testosterone at 90 years of age than most of us have at 18! With the help of at least three Republican legislators, they have stormed and overwhelmed the barricades every day since the shutdown; just like they did on D-Day!

Still not convinced of Obama’s sinister intent to shove you around and create pain where there doesn’t have to be any? Consider the fact that he also shut down Mount Vernon. Problem is, it’s not owned by the government. That’s right, he barricaded access to George Washington’s home even though it is not even owned by the government!!!

Still need more convincing? Today, it is being reported that according to a National Parks employee, they are being ordered to make things as painful as possible regarding closures and other measures. Try calling the White House. A recording states that due to the government shutdown, no calls are being taken?!?! The system is automated!!! Similarly. the National Parks Service has closed its web pages?!?!

Why is the ObamaCare enrollment website still open? It doesn’t work, but at least it’s open! Funny how that works . . . the site that Obama likes is staying open (complete with live assistants), but everything else is closed to the very citizens who pay for it. The same thing is true of other Obama positions. The TEA Party is “dangerous,” but the Occupy Protestors who rape each other and burn down cities — when they’re not breaking store windows, defecating on police cars, vandalizing churches, or blowing up bridges in Cleveland — are just peachy! The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist protestors in Egypt are freedom -lovers who need our support and money, but the Iranian protestors who are pro-Western get Obama’s silence and apathy as they are murdered by their evil government. The lesson: authoritarian radicals and terrorists good; freedom-loving TEA Party grandparents, and foreign freedom-lovers bad.

Obama’s shutdown message is: “How dare you lowly veterans and citizens try to enter the parks you fund!” That is Obama thuggery, and it has become the theme of his presidency. Well, at least he’s not targeting people with the IRS. That would be really bad!

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